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Palma Online Solutions is a team of veteran software developers based in Sandton, Johannesburg. Our expertise in web and mobile app development are known across South Africa.

We come together thanks to the same passion and goals we share. We love technologies and tools advancing with the pace of time. Therefore, we are always looking to learn new things.

Our prime goal is to earn reputations through client satisfaction and quality deliverables. Our team player philosophy makes collaboration easy and cuts time-to-market greatly. We support newcomers in our team by providing extensive training and improving their performance, so they love to remain with us forever.

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Our love for start-ups is known and acclaimed in the market. We have acquired mastery in serving start-ups by integrating the latest technologies and trends in their software products. We also have affections for small to big brands and a range of organisations and enterprises in South Africa and across Africa . Our portfolio is rich with the projects for SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses) and organisations as well.

We are a team of dedicated web and mobile app developers ready to grant you a competitive edge by offering cutting-edge development. There is not only one or two reasons that compel you to believe that we are your superior choice. Some of those are:

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25+ professionals
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Mobile App DevelopmentOur Skills in Mobile App Development is known and Acclaimed.

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Our solutions enable businesses and professionals to leverage mobility benefits in favour of increased traffic, engagements, and conversions to sustain and grow in the mobile era. Our hands-on experience with native app development tools and churning out tons of code enable us to turn the unturned stones of creativity and innovations to bring expected results on the surface.

Our knacks on cross-platform frameworks and wrapping capacities assure our customers for the best user experiences. Want to know more information?

Web App DevelopmentWe utilise Innovative Technologies to Bring Unique Web Experiences.

Our profound experience with ground breaking web technologies power us to outshine your business rivals by delivering a cutting edge web entity at a value price tag. Our prime focus on quality, time-to-market, conversion, and ROI enrich your website or web applications with features and functionality for the sake of excellent user experiences.

Our expertise in adhering to web with mobiles and other upcoming technologies yields contemporary outcomes that sustain for longer, at your benefit. Do you want to learn more about the technologies we work with?

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